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Nation Generates $110 million from Industrial Parks

October 26 , 2019

The nation generated 110 million dollars from industrial parks in the last fiscal year. For this fiscal year, the nation plans to increase the revenues gained from exported products by 50pc. The country gets 400 million dollars from the World Bank to operate the industrial parks, said Amare Asgedom, Deputy CEO of Industrial Parks Development Corporation. In the coming 10 years the number of industrial parks will reach 100, he added. The most recent industrial park, Debre Birhan Industrial Park, was built on a total of 1,100 hectares of land with eight production sheds and inaugurated in March 2019. The Park, which was built at a cost of more than 75 million dollars, will create job opportunities for about 1,000 Ethiopians. So far, the government has completed the construction of seven parks, while Hawassa, Bole Lemi I, Kombolcha, Meqelle and Adama industrial parks are already operational.


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