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MSMEs Set to Export to China via Alibaba

May 23 , 2021

The Ministry of Trade & Industry, in collaboration with Alibaba and the United Nations's Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), has kicked off a pilot programme wherein it trains micro, small and medium enterprises to facilitate the export of their products to China via Alibaba's e-commerce platform. The programme targets producers and merchants invested in the leather products, textile and garment, processed coffee, and opal industries. These sectors were chosen based on consideration of perishability and relevance in China's market. Applicants are required to have proven technical and financial capacity to produce products suitable in quality and quantity for the Chinese market. The application was opened for ten days on April 14, 2021, and applicants will be evaluated by a committee. With the implementation of the project, the Ministry aims to identify gaps in e-commerce trading and identify policy adjustment that might be needed.


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