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MPs Approve Pubic Officials with Considerable Opposition Vote

March 14 , 2020

The parliament has approved the appointment of four ministers, the commissioner of the anti-corruption commission and board members of the Ethiopian Press Agency. The parliament approved the appointments despite an energetic show of opposition from a high number of MPs. The MPs confirmed Adanech Abebe as Attorney General, Laqe Ayalew as minister of Revenues, Lia Tadesse (MD) as minister of Health, and Filsan Abdullahi as minister of Women, Children & Youth, with 21 opposition votes. Tsega Arage's appointment as commissioner of the Federal Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission earned 11 votes of opposition, while six members abstained from the vote. Daniel Kibret's appointment as a board member of the Ethiopian Press Agency was opposed by 126 members, a record-high number in the parliament's history, while 48 additional members abstained from the vote.


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