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Ministry Reinstates 12,000 Jobs

August 29 , 2020

The Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs has reinstated over 12,000 people who lost their jobs after the onset of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It reinstated their jobs after conducting an assessment of the implementation of the COVID-19 Tripartite Workplace Response Protocol, which it crafted in response to the pandemic at the end of March. The protocol was prepared in order to help reduce the effects of the pandemic on the country's economy, sustainability, and the social and economic conditions of workers. Employees from 366 companies in the country were reinstated in their jobs through appeals made to the Ministry based on the Protocol. Through the assessment across 13,437 companies in the country, it reported that over 2,000 companies in the country had been operating with a COVID-19 Task Force specifically created for supervising the implementation of COVID-19 workplace safety guidelines.


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