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Ministry Loses Case to Solar Panel Supplier

February 15 , 2020

The Federal High Court ordered the Ministry of Trade & Industry to pay half a million Birr to Vera International Business Plc, a local solar equipment importer. The two parties were in a battle for over two years after Vera took the case to the Court, claiming 1.6 million Br in compensation from the Ministry. Vera claimed that it was subjected to 110 days of warehouse rent after the Ministry refused to give it a clearance for the 12,710Kg of solar panels it imported with a duty-free privilege. The Ministry refused the clearance stating that the product did not have a pre-shipment inspection certificate, stating that the items should be inspected before being distributed in the community. After reviewing the case, the High Court passed its ruling on January 1, 2020, against the Ministry. The Court ordered the Ministry to pay compensation to Vera for rent it paid for 32 days along with nine percent interest and judgment and lawyer service fees.


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