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Ministry Keeps Fuel Retail Price Constant

March 9 , 2019

The Ministry of Trade & Industry has kept the retail price of all petroleum products at a constant level for March, except for aircraft fuel. The price of aircraft fuel increased by 10pc to 22.74 Br a litre. The prices of fuel for the rest were kept at the same levels to stabilise economic activity in the country. The government amended retail prices last November, raising gasoline to 19.69 Br a litre from 18.77 Br and Kerosene to 17.78 Br a litre from 16.35 Br. At a consumption rate of around 12.4 million litres a day, with gas oil taking the lion’s share, the nation spends billions of dollars in imports to meet the demand. Fuel is imported by the Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise, which distributes to 26 retailers that operate a total of over 800 fuel stations across the country.


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