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Ministry Avails Mining, Petroleum Sites

January 3 , 2021

The Ministry of Mines & Petroleum announced that it has opened 22 mining and five petroleum sites for investors. It also availed laboratory, drilling and refinery services as potential investment areas. The potential investment areas, which have passed the exploration stage, include deposits of iron ore, gold, phosphate, potash, marble, coal, gemstone, limestone, chlorine and sodium chlorine among others. The Ministry has been working in collaboration with the relevant institutions to create a conducive environment for investors by amending policies and laws that hinder the development of the sector, according to Takele Uma, the minister. Identified petroleum potentials in the Ogaden, Gambela, South Omo and Rift Valley areas are also open for exploration, concessions and negotiations. The Ministry had recently issued 10 mining licenses to seven companies with investments valued at a total of 258 million Br. Seven of the licenses are issued for exploration, while the rest are for production.


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