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Ministry Announces No Price Change on Fuel

January 4 , 2020

Fuel prices for this month will remain the same except for jet fuel, according to the Ministry of Trade & Industry. The tariff will remain effective for about one month from January 2020. The jet fuel will decrease by 1.08 Br to 27.16 Br a litre. On a monthly basis, the Ministry assesses the fuel prices to make an adjustment if there is a change in the global market. The nation consumes 5.2 billion litres of fuel yearly. The government spends a quarter of a billion dollars importing fuel every month. The Ethiopian Petroleum Supply Enterprise is the only supplier of fuel in the country, distributing petroleum to 26 oil companies that operate about 800 fuel stations. About 120 of these fuel stations are located in the capital. The Enterprise supplies benzene, jet fuel, gasoline, kerosene and light and heavy black naphtha.


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