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Ministry Adjusts Fuel Prices

February 2 , 2019

The Ministry of Trade & Industry has adjusted the price of fuel for the second time in three months. The last price revision was made in November, and the Ministry announced that the November adjustment was too low. With the new rate, benzene will now be sold at 20.19 Br a litre, while white diesel will be retailed at 18.03 Br. Light and heavy fuel oil will be sold at the new price of 15.66 and 15.15 Br a litre, respectively. The price of jet fuel was also adjusted to 20.62 Br, a blend of ethanol and benzene will be sold at 19.89 Br and kerosene at 18.03 Br a litre. The new price became effective on January 31, 2019. Though the price of fuel has been adjusted upwards, the authorities have announced that there will be no adjustment on transportation fee tariffs.


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