Meat, Dairy Export Generates $68m

Jun 20 , 2020

The export of meat and milk products generated 68.3 million dollars during the past 11 months of the current fiscal year, according to a report from the Ministry of Trade & Industry. During the reported period, the government expected 113.9 million dollars from the export of meat and milk products. Out of the total revenue, 61.3 million dollars was bagged from the export of goat and sheep meat. Ox meat and meat by-products generated 1.3 million dollars and 2.93 million dollars, respectively. Honey, wax, fish and dairy products brought in 2.6 million dollars. The lack of quality in supply, shortages of livestock yards, lack of credit provision, illegal livestock trading and electricity cuts have all been blamed for the poor performance, according to Mekonnen Gasu, deputy director-general of the Meat & Dairy Industry Development Institute.



Hamere Berhan' at the old post office prints books using ancient paper made from animal skin called 'Birana'.  It is part of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church which has had scribes for close to two millennia. The shortage of paper is evident with close to 10 companies operating in the paper conversion industry and a single paper mill in the country. Local players have seen their market share drop over the years and are looking to regain it. ...



A palm tree is moved to a new location for replanting around Meskel square. The global effort to battle man-made climate change has gained steam over the last few years. African countries have shifted gears in trying to unlock climate financing from the global north. With debt-to-GDP ratios averaging around 62pc continent-wide, many countries are utilizing the climate narrative to get debt structuring. This was one of the appeals of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia when he addressed the AU summit...



The area around Ambassador, famous for its souvenir shops, is getting demolished for real estate development. The Addis Abeba City Administration has ramped up efforts to remodel the city's architecture over the last few months. The capital was established by Emperor Menelik 137 years ago. He also introduced the first telephone, car, hotel, and hospital to the country. A construction project headed by the mega projects office to commemorate his victory over the Italians at Adwa is 70pc complete...