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MasterCard Funds COVID-19 Response Centre

October 17 , 2020

MasterCard Foundation and the Ministry of Innovation & Technology have launched a project to support the development of the Citizens Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Data-Driven Health Informatics Portal. The Ministry has received close to 887,000 dollars from the Foundation for the project, which will leverage digital innovation in the response and engagement of citizens on the pandemic. The platform being devised by the project will serve as a joint portal to collect and release information on government intervention policies regarding COVID-19 at a regional and national level. It will also facilitate information flow to citizens on all government COVID-19 responses. Plans for a rapid response centre to respond to questions and concerns from citizens is part of the project. This will use an inbound and outbound call centre with a toll-free line integrated with an information portal. The Response Centre is expected to be run by the Ministry of Innovation & Technology and its partners, including the Ministry of Health, the Ethiopian Public Health Institution, and Ethio telecom among others.


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