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Local Firm Steps into Continental Market

January 19 , 2019

The Ethiopian Construction Design & Supervision Works Corporation has consulted on two African countries’ construction projects for an estimated fee of two million dollars. The corporation conducted a feasibility study of Rufuji Hydropower Project for the government of Tanzania. The dam has a capacity of generating 2,100MW of electricity, and the report was commissioned for 1.1 million dollars. The Corporation also participated in road construction and consulting of two irrigation projects in Nigeria. The projects, one covering 5,000ha and the other 32,000ha, enabled the Corporation to earn 687,000 dollars. In addition, the firm also constructed a 380Km road project for 226,000 dollars. In the current fiscal year, the Corporation, founded by a trio of government enterprises, has planned to participate in 387 projects and to collect 1.1 billion Br.


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