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Local Firm Secures Aviation Facilitation License

December 25 , 2018

The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority awarded Kirmson PLC new business aviation licenses, which enable the company to provide flight facilitation and fuel support systems. With its new license, Krimson will be able to process landing permits, immigration arrangements, travel & hotel accommodation, refuelling and other services. “When people hear of aviation they only think of planes and flights,” Dawit Krimson (MD), founder of the company, told Fortune. “Yet there are flight support and services that we are set to deliver.” Flight support and facilitation services companies provide services such as ground handling, emissions trading support, fueling, weather and flight planning services. Krimson Aviation was founded with an initial capital of one million Birr in 2014, and it has been providing consultancy services for aviation companies. “In the past individuals used to engage in the industry, but there was no legal framework behind the business,” Animut Lema, communications director of the Authority, said. “The new directive was issued with the goal to formalize the sector.”


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