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Liyu Water Hits Market

November 14 , 2020

Liyu Water has joined the burgeoning bottled water industry as the 101st brand with a total investment of 315 million Birr. Established by Ensh General Trading Plc, Liyu water bottling plant is situated at Dima in Sebeta, Oromia Regional State. The factory, which lies on 15,000Sqm of land, produces bottled water in sizes ranging from 350ml to two litres and has the capacity to bottle 360,000lt of water a day. The company, which finalised its construction five years ago, currently operates with about 140 employees and eventually plans to diversify into other sectors such as fruit juice production. “There is a huge gap between the availability of bottled water in the country and the population of the country," said Esayas Eferem, CEO of Liyu Water. “This is exactly why we have ventured into this business despite its competitiveness." Ensh General Trading Plc, owned by Henok Mekonnen and Selamawit Nigussie, has been in the business of import and export for the last decade and a half. The company exports different spices and grains and imports safety equipment for construction companies. Currently, there are around 101 bottled water companies operating in the country with Boss Amesada being the most recent company to have joined the market.


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