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LI-WAY, Task Moby Create Jobs for Women, Youth

August 1 , 2020

A joint effort between companies and nonprofit organisations has begun creating jobs for 765 women and youth who lost jobs due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). Task Moby and Mercy Corps, have launched a COVID-19 pilot response project under the Livelihood Improvement for Women & Youth (LI-WAY). The Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) financed the project. The institutions will train and deploy the people to engage in plumbing, electrical work, laundry, cleaning, handywork, technical work, baby care and finishing services. The agreement, which was signed on July 1, 2020, will be supported through 3.6 million Br in financial support from SIDA and will last until August 30. The effort has already trained and deployed 290 and 170 individuals, respectively. Selection of the beneficiaries is done by LI-WAY, and Task Moby, a digital service marketplace, is responsible for giving the training, which will be in providing disinfecting services. The training is conducted in collaboration with iss Norway, a Norwegian cleaning service company, and will include equipping participants with tools and disinfection kits. Task Moby will be responsible for deployment through their own digital platform. LI-WAY, a project launched in July 2017, is implemented through a collaboration of Stichting Nederlandele Vrijwillgers (SNV), Mercy Corps, Techno Serve (TNC) and Save the Children International. The project focuses on job creation for a total of 200,000 women and youth in its five years of implementation.


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