Leaders Named to New Commission

May 18 , 2019

Parliament approved Tassew Gebre (PhD) as commissioner of Administrative Demarcations & Identity Issues Commission; and also approved Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s (PhD) recommendation to make Ustaz Abubeker Ahmed the deputy commissioner. The appointments were met with 25 opposition votes. The purpose of the Commission, which reports to the Prime Minister’s Office, is to provide alternative recommendations to the House of the Federation and the Prime Minister by studying problems and conflicts related to the administrative demarcations and issues of identity. The commission faced resistance from members of parliament on grounds of “unconstitutionality”. Similarly, Parliament approved the appointment of Berhaneyesus Demerew and Yetnebersh Nigusse as commissioner and deputy commissioner, respectively, in a majority vote with four against and 10 abstentions.


Arcane Markers

Hamere Berhan' at old post office prints books using ancient paper made from animal skin called 'Birana' .  The printing press is part of EOTC Ethiopian Tewahdo Orthodox Church which has had scribes for close to two millenia. Shortage of paper is still a problem in Ethiopia all newsapapers in the country are printed at one printing press , Birhana Selam around 4 kilo. This due to the fact there is a shortage of paper supply , no other printing press the government owned one have the forex to i...


Green Shift

A palm tree is moved to a new location for replanting around Meskel square. The global effort to battle man made climate change has gained steam over the last few years. African countries have shifted gear in tryin to unlock climate financing from the global north. With debt to GDP ratios averaging around 62pc continent wide, many countries are utilizing the climate narrative to get debt structuring. This one of the appeals of the PM of Ethiopia when he addressed the AU summit a month ago...


Strucural Makeover

Area around Ambassodor famous for its souvenir shops is getting demolished for real estate development. The A.A city administiration has ramped up efforts to remodel the city' s architecheure over the last few months. The capital was established by his majesty Emperor Menelik 137 years ago. He has also introduced the first telephone, car , hotel, hospital and host of other things to the country. A construction project headed by the mega projects office is 70 pc complete to commemorate his victor...