Judges Re-up 14-Day Custody of Bereket, Tadesse

February 9 , 2019

Judges at the Regional High Court in Bahir Dar gave 14 additional days for the Amhara Regional State Anti-Corruption Commission to continue their investigation and keep Bereket Simon, former board chairperson of Tiret Corporate, and CEO Tadesse Kassa in custody. In the session held on February 9, 2019, investigators stated that they have not finished their investigation and asked for an extension of custody to finalise their probe. The ongoing audit toward the sale of Dashen Breweries S.C to Duet, a British investment company, is the reason mentioned by the investigators to request for additional days. Tiret sold 51pc of Dashen to Duet in 2013. Bereket and Tadesse were arrested on January 23, 2019, suspected of allegedly misusing 35 million Br of public money while they worked as executives at Tiret. In the previous court session, held on January 25, 2019, the court denied the suspects’ appeal to transfer their trial to the Federal Court.


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