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Italy Blesses Ethiopia with 28.7m

March 7 , 2020

The government of Ethiopia has secured a loan and grant agreement from the government of Italy worth close to 28.7 million euros. Out of the total funding, 12.7 million euros is a grant, while the remaining 16 million euros is a loan. Agro-industrial development, strengthening the health system with special attention to issues concerning gender and nutrition, urban natural resources management, and education and job creation are the five implementing agreements of the funds. Admassu Nebebe, state minister for Finance, and Arturo Luzzi, the ambassador of Italy to Ethiopia, signed the agreement on March 5, 2020. Out of the funds, the Sustainable Development Goals Performance Fund took 10 million euros, while improvements in skill development and job creation under the TVET programme received five million dollars each. Riverside development projects, development of the Moringa Value Chain in SNNPR and projects to reduce geographical inequalities in four developing regions took the remaining funds.


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