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Israel Backs Locust Fight in Ethiopia

November 14 , 2020

The government of Israel has donated 27 drones to support Ethiopia in the ongoing fight against desert locust swarms. Alongside the donation of drones, an Israeli locust fighting task force arrived in Ethiopia last week to assist in combating the worst locust invasion the country has seen in 25 years. Members of the task force, which will remain in the country for two weeks, are expected to join forces with their Ethiopian counterparts at the Ministry of Agriculture to tackle the invasion. During their stay, the task force will proffer training to 200 Ethiopian experts. The team has already headed to the Somali Regional State to give on-site training. Before heading to the field, the task force presented its mission programmes and methods to Minister of Agriculture Oumer Hussien. In addition to the drones, the task force has donated two generators to the Ministry.


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