Jan 5 , 2020

Netsanet Lemessa, CEO of Ethiopian Insurance Company (EIC)

Netsanet Lemessa, 45, married and a father of two, is an accounting graduate of Addis Abeba University (AAU). He is currently making his way through a master's of business administration for financial services at the same university. He has been working in the insurance industry for the past 21 years. He started his career at EIC as a clerk after completing his diploma in accounting from Kotebe Metropolitan University.

Shimeles Gedlegeorgis, CEO of Ethio Life & General Insurance

Shimeles Gedlegeorgis, 53, married and a father of two, is an economics graduate of Addis Abeba University (AAU). He obtained his master’s degree in business management and marketing from a university in India. Before joining Ethio Life & General Insurance 11 years ago, he served at Nyala Insurance for nine years.

What is your biggest fear?

Fire hazard

What was the brand of your first ever mobile phone?

Nokia 2013

Which animal do you hate the most?

Which social media platform do you use most frequently?

What personal bill surprised you the most? What was it for and what was the cost?

A year ago, I spent 180 Br for a juice in Bishoftu

How long do you spend on your phone?

On average, three hours a day for work-related issues

Which foreign meal/food did you not like after tasting it?

There is no food I hated so far

Where do you want to go on earth before you die?

Australia, it’s a country with nature that I like

What is your biggest regret?

My father's death, I wish he could see where I am now and how supportive I could be for him

If you get a chance to have dinner with a prominent person, with whom would you choose to have that supper?

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple

PUBLISHED ON Jan 05,2020 [ VOL 20 , NO 1028]

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