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Innovation Ministry Set to form ‘Government Network’

January 19 , 2019

The Ministry of Innovation & Technology is set to formulate a Government Network composed of the leader of the federal and regional governments. The network intends to build a strong and unwavering bond from the federal to the lower point of administration through technology, according to the Ministry. “The network’s primary aim is to integrate the governing bodies and create a secured e-government system and to enhance the accessibility of public services,” reads a letter issued by Sisay Yadete, state minister for Innovation & Technology. The Ministry has called up 100 participants from federal ministries, regional state leaders and city administrations to deliberate and establish the network. The meeting, to be held next Tuesday, will discuss the need for each specific need of each government office and the strengths and challenges of the ongoing innovation and technology development. Given digitising the national economy, the Ministry is also revising its 15-year-old policy. The new policy is believed to coordinate the sectors and support the nation’s move toward the industrial economy by complying with the current economic reforms. The Ministry also recently developed a road map for 24 sectors including finance, agriculture and service sectors.


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