Human Right Association Urges Industrial Parks to Combat Labor Abuses

Jun 11 , 2024

A call to establish an independent inspection body within industrial parks and monitor labour practices was made by the Association of Human Rights in Ethiopia. The impact of domestic conflict, human rights violations, and a struggling global economy paints a concerning picture of the country's labour market, according to a report by the Association. The report cites the ongoing conflict in the northern part of the country as a key factor hindering job creation and investment. The report links the recent war to Ethiopia's delisting from the African Growth & Opportunity Act (AGOA), a blow to its garment industry and a potential source of job losses. While the study does not solely focus on domestic issues, it acknowledges the ongoing pandemic and global recession's negative impact on employability in Ethiopia. These factors, coupled with the internal conflict, create a difficult environment for job seekers. The report reveals a troubling trend of human rights abuses against vulnerable workers and identifies cases of labour exploitation, contract violations, gender-based harassment, and wage theft, particularly in industrial parks and through private employment agencies. The report does not shy away from criticising the current legal framework. It calls for revising laws concerning private employment agencies to better protect workers' rights.


Premier Pushes Domestic Drug Production

A six-day domestic pharmaceutical production and innovation expo was inaugurated by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) last week. More than 110 local pharmaceutical manufacturers participated at the Millennium Hall on Airport Road. Recently appointed Minister of Health Meqdes Daba (MD), said local production of pharmaceuticals has become a cornerstone of health policy, which received approval from the Council of Ministers a month ago. However, a report from the Global Fund For Health last year r...


AFDB Lauds $8m for Solar Mini-Grid

Around half a million people foresee benefits from the pilot mini-grid built across nine sites in Amhara, Oromia, Sidama, and the Southern regional states. African Development Bank Group has approved eight million dollars in finance to support the project under the Distributed Renewable Energy & Agriculture Modalities (DREAM) program. The DREAM project, with a total budget of 20 million dollars through concessional loans, grants, and risk mitigation, will cover half of the mini-grid capital...


Parliament Approves $275m Loan for Urban Project

A  275 million dollar loan agreement was approved by Parliament last week, to support the second phase of the Urban Water Supply & Sanitation Project. Set to be implemented over the next three years, the project follows negotiations between Ethiopia and the International Development Association (IDA). The Chief Whip Tesfaye Beljige (PhD), presented details of the loan agreement to lawmakers and said that the project focuses on enhancing the supply of clean drinking water and improving sa...