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Health Ministry Hands Over Mandate

The Ministry of Health has handed over the mandate to review the credentials of students set to take a medical certification examination later this month to the Higher Education Relevance & Quality Agency (HERQA). Officials of the two institutions had been at loggerheads over the readiness of new graduates for the last few months. Around 20,000 medical students are set to take the examination on August 16, 2021. "We've identified violations such as the registration of students who don't meet entrance points or hold ineligible certifications," said Terekegn Geresu, communications director at the Agency. He added that some higher education institutions provide medical courses without a license while others enroll ineligible students. HERQA, under Andualem Admassie (PhD), former CEO of Ethio telecom, reports that eight percent of the over 4,300 examinees it has reviewed were found to have invalid educational qualifications. They will not be permitted to sit for the examination.


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