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German Firm Secures Deal to Build Kegna Beverages

July 20 , 2019

Kegna Beverage S.C, one of the companies that followed the economic revolution in Oromia Regional State in 2017, has signed a deal with a German company for the construction of a plant. The plant will be built at Ginchi town with 5.5 billion Br in investment. The agreement will enable Kegna to outsource the project, and the German company will oversee the feasibility study, development, design and construction of the plant, as well as the installation of the machinery. The plant, occupying 101ha of land, will produce beer, juice, bottled water and soft drinks. At full capacity, the plant will produce three million hectolitres a year and create job opportunities for 3,500 people. Other projects under the economic revolution include Oda Integrated Transport, Kegna Agricultural Machinery and Welabu Construction. Kegna has around 5,000 shareholders including farmers, 1.5 billion Br in subscribed capital, of which 700 million Br is paid-up.


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