Four Ago-Processing Parks to Go Operational

Feb 9 , 2019

Four integrated agro-processing industrial parks will be completed and inaugurated before the end of this fiscal year. The industrial parks are under construction at a cost of 10 million dollars. The four projects are earmarked for specific purposes. The park at Baeker is for sesame seeds, sorghum and livestock; Bulbula is for cereal and milk; Bure is for cereals, pulses and spices; and Yirgalem is for coffee, fruit and vegetables. The study and redesign of the parks took two and a half years, according to Ayalneh Abawa, a project advisor. The provision of electric power remains a challenge as each of the parks consumes 40MW to 50MW, and there is a shortage of foreign currency to construct substations.


Mobile Apps Streamline Container Handling

A Chinese private logistics company availed its multilingual mobile applications designed to streamline container handling processes for local businesses. Dubbed, the apps are available in Amharic, Oromo, Somali, and Tigrigna, with a competitive monthly fee. Company managements aim to tackle inefficiencies by scanning truck license plates, container IDs, and other details, reducing manual data entry and the potential for errors. Users can also record gate movements with times...


Private Investment Takes Flight in Aviation Industry

Local private operators received the green light last week to expand their services beyond charter flights, offering regular passenger and cargo options. This move by the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority is expected to boost the air transport sector, attracting private companies to invest in air travel services. The Authority is partnering with private investors to improve air transport infrastructure by building over 21 new airstrips and helipads in previously underserved areas. Officials...


Safaricom Ramps Up Network Expansion with Locally Made Poles

Safaricom Ethiopia has initiated a three-month procurement process to acquire a total of 68 poles from Woda Metal, the first telecom pole manufacturer in the country. The initial batch of 13 poles was delivered last week, marking a milestone as the first use of domestically produced poles in Ethiopia's telecom sector. Wim Vanhellputte, CEO of Safaricom Ethiopia, praised the high quality and affordability of Woda Metal's poles, which will be crucial for their network expansion goals. The co...