Flood Threatens Half Million People: Commission

July 25 , 2020

The National Disaster Risk Management Commission warned that current intense seasonal rainfall could displace 434,000 people out of the two million people at risk in Ethiopia. Man-made and natural disasters posed risks in some parts of the country, according to Damene Damota, deputy commissioner of the Commission. The spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, desert locust infestations, flooding and landslide catastrophes are among the disasters the Commission is dealing with, according to Damene. Northwest, southwest and central parts of the country are forecasted to receive normal and above normal rainfall in this rainy season. Intense rainfall could cause unprecedented flooding and landslide risks in some parts of Ethiopia, according to Fetene Teshome, director-general of the National Meteorology Agency. The Basins Development Authority is also working to prevent flooding and minimise the risk to residents downstream of the dams, particularly in Kesem, Tendaho, Koka and Tana Beles, which are in high risk of flooding.


UNDP Nods $2m for National Dialogue

United Nation Development Program (UNDP) has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Finance and National Dialogue Commission, allocating 2.2 million dollars for the upcoming national discussion. Managed by an independent trust fund, and in addition to the annual budget allocated by the Ethiopian government, UNDP is looking to set up a financial buffer scheduling to raise 32.8 million dollars in support funds from development partners over the next three years. The Dialogue Commission was est...


Street Snack

The rainy season is going to be missed for at least one reason: boiled corn on the cob. As the customer captured here, it has been an enjoyable street food for the city's residents to keep them warm. More importantly, it was a livelihood for many street vendors. ...


Stair Shop

A shop and a shoeshine stall have been set up under the stairs of an overhead bridge. In the most crowded parts of Addis Abeba, there is always some type of vendor selling everyday goods, serving the lower-income population...