Sep 8 , 2019

For the service, Horizon has acquired five different applications to receive orders and payments as well as different types of vehicles for the delivery service.

Horizon Express, a local fleet management company, has ventured into home delivery services by partnering with application developers and vehicle owners.

For the service, Horizon has acquired five different applications to receive orders and payments as well as different types of vehicles for the delivery service.

ADC Research & Development, a local consultancy and technology firm and partner of Horizon, has developed five digital platforms that will enable Horizon to receive orders. Elifgn, Balderasu, Duka, Symfo and Bere Payment Platform are the five programmes designed by 10 software engineers of ADC over the past three years. The applications are expected to be fully launched in two months.

The first platform is Elifgn and is designed to be used for online food ordering and delivery service. Customers and restaurants will give and take orders through this platform.

Balderasu, the second platform is designed for delivery service management. The service charges 10 Br a kilometre, and the service starts from a minimum of three kilometres. Through Balderasu, customer can call on the dispatch centre at 6583 to receive services such as the delivery of documents, towing crashed cars, moving construction and home materials and food delivery for children.

The application will be available at all digital application stores. It can also be used for the delivery of orders that are made through Elfign.

Duka, a GPS tracking system, is the third technological tool that is designed for car and motorcycle surveillance, to enhance driver safety, fleet management and anti-theft security.

The GPS system will be installed in vehicles and records all data including location information, fuel consumption, and distance traveled, according to Sofonias Embibel, general manager for Horizon Express Plc, a company that was established in 2012 and operated with 30 employees.

Horizon is engaged in the development and small scale manufacturing of electronic, electromechanical and communications devices and software.

After the orders are placed and the delivery is made, consumers can pay for the services through the fourth platform, Bere Payment Platform, which processes online payments.

Bere, owned by Lefayda Digital Micro-Finance, is integrated with banks using the fifth platform Symfo, a core banking financial system, to process customer’s payment transactions. Symfo is used to support financial operations such as making and servicing a loan, opening a new account, processing cash deposits and withdrawals and calculating interest.

"When it becomes fully operational, the five platforms will ease business transactions," said Sofonias.

For the delivery of the services, Horizon will work with motorcycles, cars, Damas vans, pickups, mini Isuzus, Isuzus, Sino Trucks and car lift services. Along with its vehicles, the company works with different vehicle owners, in a partnership agreement.

Horizon has already installed a GPS tracker on 50 motorcycles, which have already started using the application. Horizon imported the GPS tracking system and ADC installed them.

"We'll make the application available to all service providers once it is launched," Sofonias told Fortune.

PUBLISHED ON Sep 08,2019 [ VOL 20 , NO 1011]

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