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Chinese Firm Obtains Bentonite Extraction License

March 9 , 2019

Arerti Ceramic Manufacturing, a Chinese company, has obtained a bentonite mine extracting license from the Ministry of Mine & Petroleum. The agreement was signed on March 8, 2019, between Samuel Urkato (PhD), minister of Mine & Petroleum, and Shu Shawafeng, CEO of Arerti Ceramics Manufacturing. The concession will last for 10 years. Arerti will mine bentonite in Amhara Region’s Northern Shewa Zone, specifically Anegolela Woreda, to use it as a raw material to make ceramics. The Chinese company has allocated around 41.1 million Br for mining operations. It is also expected to create jobs for 30 people, while the ceramic manufacturing plant will employ 3,000 people.


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