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Eutelsat Penetrates Ethiopia's Market

October 19 , 2019

Eutelsat, one of the longstanding market leaders in satellite television broadcasting, announced that Ethiopia will be able to receive high-quality broadband connection via its KONNECT satellite in 2020. Considering the high growth potential of the Ethiopian video broadcasting market, Eutelsat signed a multi-year contract with Ethiopian channels including TV9 Ethiopia, Nahoo TV and ETV for video capacity on its EUTELSAT 8 West B satellite, one of the most sophisticated satellites in orbit today. Ethiopia has high growth potential for video broadcasting, because currently only 21pc of homes in Ethiopia are equipped with television, which translates to approximately 5.2 million homes having television sets. Out of these, 86pc are using satellite television transmission, which means 4.4 million homes receive satellite broadcasts, according to the product of quantitative market research, a survey carried out by an independent research firm.


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