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Ethiopian Electric Utility Amasses 11b Br

August 29 , 2020

Ethiopian Electric Utilities (EEU), a government agency in charge of power distribution, has generated 11.1 billion Br in revenues during the past fiscal year from energy bills. The agency was able to achieve 80pc of the target for the year. Out of total revenues, 60pc will be paid to Ethiopian Electric Power, which is in charge of power generation. It also generated 3.9 billion Br from electric power installation and maintenance, a sharp fall from its target of 11.3 billion Br. Property disposal brought in 19.3 million Br. During the year, the EEU has restructured itself into 28 districts, 554 services and 5,835 satellite centres. The institution also revamped its management structure by decentralising and upgrading its regional directors to executives through its Enterprise Resource Planning Project (ERP). The ERP has also connected its systems with the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia to set up an e-payment system for its customers. The system covered 325 new rural towns and was registered to 168,571 customers. For the current fiscal year, EEU intends to generate 16.5 billion Br from energy billing, eight billion Birr from other sources and 1.1 billion Br from service fees. Property disposal is also expected to generate 140 million Br.


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