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Ethiopia Secures $77m from Oil Seed Export

July 18 , 2021

The export of oil seeds, pulses and edible oil products brought in 77 million dollars over the first 11 months of the just-ended fiscal year. The export of processed oil seeds and unprocessed avocado oil has more than doubled in comparison to the previous year, according to the Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Industry Development Institute. Hilina Enriched Foods Plc registered as the highest earner amongst suppliers for its export of processed nuts, securing around 17.5 million dollars. It is followed by Ambasel Trade Works, which secured nearly half a million dollars from exporting roasted sesame. Sunvado Plc, a Dutch company operating in Yirgalem Agro-Industrial Park, earned 1.7 million dollars from the export of unprocessed avocado oil.


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