Ethiopia Refutes Egypt’s Water Filling Proposal

Sep 21 , 2019

Ethiopia rejected Egypt’s proposal for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) that suggested that the country should release 40 billion cubic metres of water every year, while the Aswan Dam will only release water when its volume reaches 165m above sea level. Egypt also asked that the Dam be refilled every seven years. Ethiopia rejected the proposal, stating that it contradicts the Nile Dam Declaration, and it creates unnecessary bindings and obligations for Ethiopia. Ethiopia also indicated that it could only release 29-35 billion cubic metres of water a year. Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan resumed the dam talks last year for three consecutive days.  Egypt had come up with a plan to facilitate the increment in the water content of the Nile Dam. There will be a technical negotiation between the countries that will be held in Sudan starting from October 3, 2019, about the refilling and release of the water and its impact on other countries where the Nile extends. The water ministers of each state will have further discussions on the points that will be approved.



Addis Abeba strives to be a city of distinction with a glamorous look. But lately, most parts of the city are overwhelmed by informal street vendors. Underneath the bridge around La Gare, commonly known as Lagahar, a street vendor sells pieces of watermelon from a mobile pushcart. Watermelon is a flowering plant species with more than 1,000 varieties worldwide. It lowers high blood pressure and cholesterol levels when taken regularly. Ethiopia exported 483tns of watermelon to Djibouti in 2018, w...



Since its establishment during the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie, Meskel Square, on the interseciotn of Africa, Ras Mekonen and Jomo Kenyatta avenues, has been one of the landmarks of Addis Abeba. Having been the site for public gatherings, rallies and festivities like (Meskel celebration), the Square laid out a somewhat classy atmosphere to the city and has become a recreational centre with a mesmerizing look. Following the Beautifying Sheger Initiative, the refurbishment of the Square was in...



Addis Abeba's Stadium neighbourhood has been home to driving and cycling trainees for decades. Homeless children favour the location for its open spaces and high traffic. They ride rented bikes around on a school day. Pangs of hunger are numbed out by riding in circles on top of colourful bikes for the children. They were escaping vicious cycles of poverty on top of bicycles, if only for minutes...