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Ethiopia Kicks off Construction of Irrigation Dam

June 8 , 2019

The construction of the 3.3-billion-Br Guder Sato Irrigation Dam project started in West Showa Zone, Oromia Regional State. Expected to benefit 5,000 household farmers, the irrigation dam will be constructed by the Ethiopian Construction Works Corporation (ECWC), which has 15,000 employees and operates with a capital of 20 billion Br. Oromia Water Works Corporation will supervise the construction. The Dam, which will be 4.6m high and 273m long, will trap 57 million cubic metres of water to irrigate 5,000ha of land. Five months ago, the Auditor General confronted the Ministry of Water & Irrigation for delays and cost overruns of the Zarema Mayday and Megech irrigation dams, which have cost a total of 13.6 billion Br. Gemechu Dubisso, the auditor general, reported the inflated aggregate cost of the two irrigation dams to parliament last January.


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