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Ethiopia Generates 15,000GWh of Electric Power

August 16 , 2020

All of the energy sources in the country generated 15,192 gigawatt-hours of electric power in the past fiscal year, according to Ethiopian Electric Power. The performance has shown an increase of 9.5pc compared to the previous year's performance. The EEP was also able to attain 94pc of the target. The delay of the Aisha Wind Power and Genale Dawa III is being cited as the reason why the target was not fully achieved. Currently, the country has 21 power production stations. Power stations including Tana Beles, Gibe II, Amerti and Repi Solid Waste to Energy Plant succeeded in producing more energy than planned. The country is set to produce over 17,000GWh of electric power during the current fiscal year for both local consumption and export to neighboring countries.


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