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Ethiopia Forms Economic Advisors Council

December 19 , 2020

The administration of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has formed a 16-member Independent National Council of Economic Advisors who will be advising the government on economic matters. The Council consists of Eleni Gabre-Madhin, former CEO of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange; Alemayehu Geda, a renowned economist; Alula Pankhurst, development scholar and son of the historian Richard Pankhurst, and Lemma Wolde-Senbet, an academic with vast experience in finance. The Office of the Prime Minister issued an invitation to willing professionals to submit their names for consideration a year ago, citing the successful implementation and continuity of the ongoing economic reforms and the promotion of inclusive economic development as its main reasons for establishing an independent council. Around 290 candidates answered the call and, after a thorough three-step screening process, 16 of them were selected to make up the country's first-ever independent Economic Council. The Council is expected to be a regular source of independent, objective and evidence-based advice to the government regarding economic policy.  "The Council would enable the comprehension of the complex social issues and poverty facing the country and the exploration of favourable economic policies," reads a statement from the Office of the Prime Minister.


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