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Ethio Telecom Launches Contract Plan Scheme

Frehiwot Tamiru

Ethio Telecom has set its postpaid mobile broadband contract plan service in motion. The plan entails an initial downpayment wherein customers are able to take home a smartphone, Wi-Fi modem or dongle and complete their purchase through monthly payments. Customers are required to produce legal documents such as a guarantee letter from a government office, a microfinance institution, or a private company to be eligible for the contract. They can then choose their preferred device and select a plan from the range of data, call-time, and SMS package options available. The products offered are primarily manufactured by Huawei, the Chinese telecom provider, which also executed Ethio telecom's upgrade to the 4G LTE network, though models from Samsung and Lenovo are available as well. The most expensive option entails a 1,200 Br downpayment along with 24 monthly payments of 3,090 Br for a Samsung Galaxy A30 smartphone with a full range of unlimited services. The device financing model was initiated with the aim of boosting telecom penetration in the country and smart phone usage. Ethio telecom expects to grow the number of smartphone users from 33pc to 60pc with this scheme.


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