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Enterprise Generates 1.2b Br Gross Profit

February 1 , 2020

The Ethiopian Shipping & Logistics Service Enterprise (ESLSE) grossed more than 1.2 billion Br in profit in the past six months of the current fiscal year. The profit represents 104pc of the Enterprise’s target. The target set by the company for the period was 1.2 billion Br before tax. Comparing the result with the same period in last fiscal year, the profit before tax rose by 46.5pc or 389.6 million Br. In the past six months, we have managed to gain inputs that enhance the performance of our operational work, according to Wondimu Denbu, deputy CEO of the Enterprise for corporate service. The Enterprise secured an additional 10 million Br from selling machinery, heavy vehicles, fragments of metals and other properties from the dry port seized by the government through a tender process.


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