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Electric Utility Launches New Meter Reading Technology

May 16 , 2020

Ethiopian Electric Utility (EEU) is set to implement a new technology as a solution to issues with meter reading. The Common Meter Reading Instrument (CMRI) technology, which cost the EEU 416,000 dollars for 2,000 units, will be implemented to reduce problems arising from manual meter reading. The staff of EEU have been given training and a partial trial run will be completed starting by the end of this month at select service centres before the units are fully implemented, according to a statement from EEU. The device uses a GPS system and shows a green light when it has located the location of the meter for the customer's house. The CMRI technology can ensure whether or not an assigned professional has been to the location to do the reading and is able to read the meter accurately. It is expected to eliminate mistakes made during manual checks while also collecting data on the number of customers that have been reached. Out of EEU's total customers, 2.5 million of them use post-paid meters.


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