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ECX Transacts 4.6b Br of Commodities

February 15 , 2020

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) transacted 92,239tn of commodities worth 4.6 billion Br in January. During the month, the ECX transacted 43,927tn of sesame and 24,391tn of coffee for 1.9 billion Br and 2.2 billion Br, respectively. It also traded 9,643tn of soybeans, 9,268tn of green mung beans, and 5,009tn of chickpeas for 201 million Br, 240 million Br, and 65.6 million Br, respectively. Compared to the same period last year, the transacted sesame shows a 37pc increment in volume and 33pc in value. Coffee shows a growth of 51pc in value and volume that was provided for the foreign market. The overall transactions compared to the same period of last year shows a decline of 10pc in volume and a growth of 21pc in value.


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