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ECX Transacts 26.6b Br in Eight Months

March 14 , 2020

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) has transacted 26.6 billion Br worth of agricultural commodities during the eight months of the current fiscal year. It traded 528,899tn of coffee, sesame, green mung beans and kidney beans in the reporting period. Coffee took the lion's share in value and volume, accounting for 202,248tn worth 15.7 billion Br. Sesame follows with 186,474tn traded for eight billion Birr. In the 20 days between March and February, the ECX has traded 97,383tn of commodities worth 4.4 billion Br. In the reporting period, sesame took the leading position in volume, accounting for 35,901tn, while coffee followed with 25,354tn. In terms of value, coffee led the pack with 2.3 billion Br, followed by sesame, which fetched 1.5 billion Br in transactions.


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