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ECX Trades 30.4b Br Worth of Commodities

May 2 , 2020

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) traded 602,823tn of agricultural commodities worth 30.4 billion Br in the last nine months, achieving 97pc of its target. The commodity market has traded 231,885tn of coffee, 211,777tn of sesame and 69,760tn of soybeans. It also swapped 46,914tn of green beans, 39,286tn of white beans and 3,201tn of red peppers. This is an increase of 100,000tn, or 20pc, over the same period last year. The export of coffee achieved 99pc of what was expected and showed an increase of two percent over the same period last year. Sesame reached about 75pc of its target, up by four percent over the same period the previous year. The total trade value of these products is up by six percent over what was planned and 21pc higher than the previous year. Out of these transactions, 987tn of coffee and 6,665tn of sesame were electronically traded from Hawassa and Humera, respectively.


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