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ECX Floors Trade 4.4b Br Worth Commodities

November 20 , 2021

The Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) saw 51,000tn of goods worth 4.4 billion Br traded on its floors over the first four months of the fiscal year. Coffee and sesame accounted for two-thirds of the total, while commodities like soybean, green mung bean and peas made up the remainder. The average trading value of commodities has grown to 7,800 Br from 7,200 Br when the fiscal year started. The ECX facilitated the trading of 614,586tn of commodities worth 39.6 billion Br last year. An intermediary membership seat at the Exchange sold for over eight million Birr during an auction earlier this month. The Exchange has 366 member seats and trades 15 agricultural products.


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