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E-commerce Firm Ignites Drone Delivery

September 6 , 2020

Addis Mercato, a local e-commerce and logistics company, has launched the first urban and suburban delivery service using fully automated drones. The company partnered with India-based TechEagle to launch the logistics system. Addis Mercato, founded over a year ago, will start the drone delivery service in and around Ayat, where its warehouse is located. The delivery region will initially cover a 14Km radius, going all the way to Legetafo. The drones carry up to 4.4kg and will use a GPS tracking system to locate customer locations. The new delivery system is expected to reduce one-way delivery time from 40 minutes to eight minutes. The company will work with the Ministry of Health to create a drone delivery network for the healthcare system that will enable quick and efficient delivery of essential medical supplies to treatment centres, according to Abiy Mebaselassie, CEO of Addis Mercato.


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