Discrepancies Force Health Ministry to Cancel $30m Bid

May 21 , 2022

The Ministry of Health has cut short a 30 million dollar tender for the procurement of mosquito nets following allegations of discrepancies in the integrity of the bidding process. Floated through the Ethiopian Pharmaceutical Supply Agency, the international tender was in the final evaluation stages when the Public Procurement & Disposal Service and the Federal Ethics & Anti-Corruption Commission raised alarms over participants' eligibility. Their investigations allege some bidders were participating with invalid licenses, while other did not meet criteria set in the bid documents. Officials at the Ministry have scrapped the bid while they conduct further investigations into the allegations. Ethiopia accounted for around one percent of the 2.3 million malaria cases recorded in 2020, according to data from the World Health Organisation (WHO).


E-Consultation Portal Launched to Boost Stakeholder Engagement

An e-consultation manual and portal designed to enhance stakeholder engagement in the drafting of laws before their final ratification stage was launched last week. Developed by the Business Environment & Investment Climate (BEIC) project team, the platform operates under the oversight of the Justice and Technology ministries. It aims to improve transparency, efficiency, awareness, and effectiveness throughout the law formulation and enactment process. According to Belayhun Yirga, stat...


Trade Ministry Changes Guard

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) made a series of appointments last week, assigning Kassahun Goffe (PhD) as the new Minister of Trade & Regional Integration. Kassahun, who previously served as the State Minister, succeeds Gebremeskel Chala, who navigated the country through various trade reforms. The appointment comes amidst an export slump, as Ethiopia has faced major economic and political headwinds over the past few years. The Ministry reported a shortfall of 863 million dollars from it...


Ahadu Bank Savours First Taste of Profits

Ahadu Bank registered a 175 million Br gross profits in the ended year, turning around its financial performance. The two-year-old Bank established with 503 million Br in paid-up capital mobilised from 9,600 shareholders has also managed to double the figure to 1.03 billion Br. Ahadu's total assets have also nearly doubled to 6.3 billion Br, while its operating income soared to 1.15 billion Br from financial services for nearly 700,000 customers. It also expanded its branch reach across the c...