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Digitisation Saves 1.8m Br at Supreme Court

November 7 , 2020

A partnership between USAID and the Federal Supreme Court on information & communication technology (ICT) reform activities has saved an estimated 1.8 million Br in travel and additional expenses. The Court launched a partnership agreement with USAID’s Feteh (Justice) Activity to assist the Court's vital ICT reform activities in February 2019. Following the Court's endorsement of the ICT Reform Action Plan, Feteh supported the development, deployment, testing, piloting and roll-out of an automated Case Management Information System and Digital Records & Archive Information System for the Federal Courts. Within a month's time, a total of 484 cases were processed through videoconferencing centres throughout the country. Originally a two-year initiative, Feteh was extended for three years to give technical assistance to the Office of the Attorney General, the parliament, the Institution of the Ombudsman, Office of Public Defender, the Human Rights Commission and civil society organisations among others.


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