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COVID-19 Insurance Policy Covers Drivers, Assistants

December 26 , 2020

A life insurance policy for cross-border drivers and their assistants in relation to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been operational as of December 24, 2020. Announced by the director of the Insurance Fund Administration Agency, Workinesh Birru, as well as representatives from the Association of Ethiopian Insurers and Cross Border Freight Transport Owners Association, the insurance will be applicable to problems arising due to the pandemic. Fifty percent of the annual premium, amounting to just over 2,000 Br for drivers and around 750 Br for assistants, is to be covered by the owners of the vehicles. In the case of death due to COVID-19, the insurance company will pay out 250,000 Br and 150,000 Br for drivers and assistants, respectively. Additionally, in the case where they are unable to work for two months due to contracting the virus, the insurance policy will compensate with 6,000 Br to drivers and 3,000 Br to assistants.


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