COVID-19 Infection, Death Rates Fall to Lowest Levels Since Onset

March 26 , 2022

Data from the Ministry of Health reveals that COVID-19 infection rates have dropped to the lowest levels since the pandemic's early days in 2020. Less than 900 people have tested positive for the virus thus far in March 2022, while the death toll remains under 30 for the month. The figures are the lowest since the pandemic first began to ramp up between March and May 2020. Though the lull is an encouraging sign, health officials urge the public to continue practicing social distancing and wearing face masks, as similar drops in infection and death rates were observed in the lead up to the three separate COVID-19 waves to hit the country since the first case was detected in March 2020. The pandemic's death toll sits near 7,500, with nearly 470,000 confirmed cases over the past two years. Health professionals have administered close to 29.5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines since the Ministry kicked off its vaccination campaign a year ago.


UNDP Nods $2m for National Dialogue

United Nation Development Program (UNDP) has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Finance and National Dialogue Commission, allocating 2.2 million dollars for the upcoming national discussion. Managed by an independent trust fund, and in addition to the annual budget allocated by the Ethiopian government, UNDP is looking to set up a financial buffer scheduling to raise 32.8 million dollars in support funds from development partners over the next three years. The Dialogue Commission was est...


Street Snack

The rainy season is going to be missed for at least one reason: boiled corn on the cob. As the customer captured here, it has been an enjoyable street food for the city's residents to keep them warm. More importantly, it was a livelihood for many street vendors. ...


Stair Shop

A shop and a shoeshine stall have been set up under the stairs of an overhead bridge. In the most crowded parts of Addis Abeba, there is always some type of vendor selling everyday goods, serving the lower-income population...