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Court Injuncts Transfer of Middle-Income Houses

April 6 , 2019

The Federal High Court Lideta Division’s Eighth Civil Bench gave an injunction order on the transfer of title deeds to middle-income housing winners through the raffle system on April 4, 2019. The court passed the injunction order, because 98 people pressed charges against the Ministry of Urban Development & Housing, Addis Abeba City Administration Savings & Houses Development Enterprise and the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE), claiming that they were entitled to priority as they had paid in full. For the transfer of houses on the city’s middle-income housing scheme, individuals that deposited at least 40pc of the full amount were allowed to participate in a raffle system that decided who will be entitled to a title deed. The court adjourned the case to June 6, 2019, to hear the defendants’ response, and June 17, 2019, to hear their debate.



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