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Council Approves Bill to Improve Land Compensation

May 25 , 2019

The Council of Ministers is pushing a bill that determines compensation rates for occupants during relocation from their land tenures. The draft proclamation is aimed at revising the 13-year-old compensation proclamation, which is outdated and would not go in line with the current land development and management system of the country, they said. The Ministry of Urban Development & Construction has devised the draft proclamation, taking into consideration the constitutional rights of the relocated people and ensuring fairness and objectivity during the transfer of the rural and urban plots for public use. These days there are grievances raised in different regions over the displacement of farmers paid with inadequate compensation of land far from their plots. The nation plans to benefit settlers from the new infrastructure developments being built on their land, instead of moving people to a new location. According to the city’s land regulation, the current rate of compensation for a farmer in Addis Abeba is 82 Br for a square meter when expropriated. The Council has discussed and finally directed the bill for further deliberation and legislation to parliament with some adjustments incorporated in the bill.


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