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Council Approves 10-Year Dev't Plan

December 12 , 2020

The Council of Ministers has approved the 10-year Perspective Development Plan put forward by the Planning & Development Commission last week. The Plan intends to achieve 10.2pc annual economic growth over the next decade. The Plan aims to make Ethiopia a "Beacon of African Prosperity" through a market-led economic approach that looks to amplify the roles and involvement of the private sector in the nation's overall development. It seeks to boost economic productivity, employment opportunities and general infrastructure, as well as to encourage a digital economy by increasing technological capabilities. The Plan also targets to improve law and order in the country, to strengthen the capacity of government institutions, and to make strides toward a green economy. The Plan was developed in cooperation with members of the public, civil society organisations, private investors and government institutions ranging from the Ministry of Culture & Tourism to the Ministry of Peace.


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